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Since 2005, we have made more than 330 investments. The following case studies represent investments from our different funds and impact areas.

Case Studies


AMAT provides rapid and direct access to suitable, safe and secure housing for homeless people in Medway and Kent.

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Circle Collective

Circle Collective believes that every young person who wants to work should have access to a job

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Collage Arts

Collage Arts seeks to provide greater access and support to under-represented sections of the community by offering skills, experience and opportunities in music, media, film, photography, performing arts and visual arts, which can lead onto progression routes in further and higher education, employment and entrepreneurship.

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Creative Seed

The Creative Seed use art and carnival as a vehicle for social change, developing community projects to break down social barriers and act as a forum for discussion and social development and movement.

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East Lancashire Moneyline

The relief of poverty by provision of appropriate financial services, promotion of financial inclusion and debt advice services.

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Fair For You

Fair For You seeks to challenge high-cost lending, and to provide an ethical, fair and transparent alternative for families.

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Invisible Cities

Invisible Cities uses cities as backgrounds to create a space where tourists and locals can engage in a meaningful way with people who have experienced homelessness. Talking about their experience in these cities empowers their guides to feel like they belong and are valued members of society.

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Mental Health and Employment Partnership

To provide support to individuals living with severe mental health illness to help them achieve competitive, paid employment through Individual Placement and Support (IPS) services.

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Projekt42 aims to strengthen the connection between mental health and physical fitness, and help people understand the need to take care of both.

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Sandwell Community Caring Trust

To support people who need help to live independent and happy lives through the provision of high quality social care.

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BII Investment stat 2020We invest between 20k and 3m in social enterprises and charitiesBII investment stat 3 2020