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AMAT provides rapid and direct access to suitable, safe and secure housing for homeless people in Medway and Kent.

AMAT was established 22 years ago to provide rapid and direct access to suitable homes for mainly single, over 25-year-old, homeless people in Medway.  They support vulnerable people, and those at risk of homelessness, in addressing the complex issues that will have caused their homelessness, so that they can rebuild their lives.  AMAT houses and supports over 480 homeless adults currently, with approximately 200 new service users every year.   

Since investment, AMAT was able to secure the purchase of its high street office which enabled them to obtain further funding (From The National Lottery) to run a community hub.

The HUB works with 12 partner agencies, that specialise in addiction issues, talking therapies, education and training, domestic abuse support, sexual health.  In addition, they have a creativity class, a choir and other resident led activities. There is also an IT suite as well as peer mentoring and volunteer opportunities.

The HUB’s outcomes include:

  • More homeless adults become work ready, through attending hub education and employment courses; training and volunteering opportunities
  • Hub participants report learning new skills; develop knowledge and/or having positive experiences
  • Hub participants feel less isolated, bored or frustrated through attending Hub opportunities, social situations and events
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