Advising Communities

To help build communities which are happy, confident and capable of solving life’s problems and planning a better future.

Advising Communities provides legal advice, support and education to individuals in need and to the essential organisations that support them in their communities. It began as a small advice agency with a local remit, the Blackfriars Advice Centre, established in 1997. From there it has grown in to a leading national brand. It stands out as a highly diverse and inclusive service provider. A multi-national staff team offer advice in 16 different languages. Services are made user friendly and easily accessible; 60% of people using the service in 2017 reported having a disability. Quality is paramount. Staff are rigorously trained and the team are focusing on the development of research and evidence to support ever-improving service provision.

Advising Communities primarily supports charities and public sector bodies which can benefit from low-cost advice and support. The revenue the organisation raises can be re-invested to support vulnerable individuals, giving Advising Communities the freedom to pursue projects they see most demand whilst offering the highest possible quality of service. In 2017 alone Advising Communities carried out 14,812 pieces of work, addressing 6,950 legal issues. It also assisted 169 people in avoiding eviction and homelessness.

We believe the people we serve deserve the best. Our high standards mean we are constantly re-inventing. Now we can offer great services from a great building. Big Issue Invest were flexible and straightforward to work with. We felt a real synergy there.
Helen Rice, CEO
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