Big Issue Invest continues to uphold the Social Enterprise Mark

Big Issue Invest is defining what it means to be a genuine social enterprise with the Social Enterprise Mark

Social Enterprise Mark CIC is the award-winning social enterprise accreditation authority, which recognises and builds the capabilities of social enterprises as competitive, sustainable businesses, dedicated to maximising social impact. As a Social Enterprise Mark ambassador, Big Issue Invest recognises how important our commitment is to operate as a social enterprise, with the central aim of using our profits to maximise social benefit, taking precedent over generating dividends for shareholders.


Social Enterprise Mark is responsible for assessing applications for the internationally recognised  the Social Enterprise Gold Mark, and the new Social Enterprise Disability Employment Mark and the Local Authority Disability Employment Mark. It’s world-first accreditations ensure that the business model remains ethical, credible and commercial. It provides clear standards for the social enterprise sector, defining what it means to be a genuine social enterprise.

The Social Enterprise Mark is the only internationally available social enterprise accreditation, which now has a presence in 10 countries.

If you’d like to apply for your social enterprise to also represent the Social Enterprise Mark you can register your interest here.