3 Learnings For Social Investors About Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development Course in partnership with Social Enterprise Academy kicked off in Newcastle. Daniel Wilson-Dodd shares some learnings from the first session of the course.

Last week, I was in Newcastle at the amazing Cobalt Studios. I was there to launch our new Leadership Development Course which is funded by Big Issue Invest and delivered by our friends from the Social Enterprise Academy.

The course brings together 12-leaders from social enterprises in the North East of England and is designed to help them develop their leadership capability. The course is 12-days of learning over 3-months and leads to a formal certificate in Leadership. It’s a real commitment from the participants and their employers.

This was an exciting day for Big Issue Invest as well as for myself. After the first training session of the Leadership Development Course, I would say there were three key learnings I found upon reflection:

  • Firstly, this course pushes us beyond our normal limitations as a social investor. Our core business is providing investment in the form of money. It feels progressive to think beyond money and offer a different kind of investment. One where we’re helping individuals and organisations develop their potential.
  • Secondly, the course recognises a simple truth. Financial investment doesn’t deliver anything on its own. It’s people who deliver. I think social change and impact will come from investing in these people and helping them to grow.
  • Thirdly, there is power in the network. As well as participating in a wonderful course and developing as leaders, the participants will be getting to know each other and creating contacts that will help them going forward.

Looking ahead, I’m really interested to see the social impact this kind of investment creates. If successful, I hope we can roll out the programme in other parts of the country.

If you are interested, please drop us a note at enquiries@bigissueinvest.com.