Rental Exchange White Paper Released

23 Jun 2015

The Rental Exchange is an innovative partnership between Big Issue Invest and Experian that is transforming the lives of social housing tenants throughout the UK.  The scheme sets out to tackle social, digital and financial exclusion faced by those who cannot access affordable credit due to a lack of a mainstream credit history.  Rising house prices and stricter mortgage lending criteria has resulted in an increase in families left with no other option than to rent.  In collaboration on the Rental Exchange, Big Issue Invest and Experian have been working with registered social housing providers to incorporate tenants’ rent payment history into their credit file, with no cost to either the housing provider or the tenant. This allows tenants with a history of little or no credit, to build a credit score in the same way that mortgage holders do.


The following BII Rental Exchange White Paper reveals some key findings on how the scheme has performed over the past five years.